The implication of the current lockdown, quarantine, self isolation and social distancing on creativity is trememdous. Anxiety, feeling of hoplessness, emotional trauma, financial insecurity and so on are all capable of triggering emtionas and affecting mental health. 

Part of the objectives of Art Is Everywhere is to promote liberalism of the creative process and the exploration of varieties of materials and mediums. As an alternative to the suspension of the 2020 AIE 14 Workshop, schedule for Abeokuta Ogun State, a new project aimed at creatively engaging the artists within his/her "lock down" space was conceived. The concept seeks artists to explore every opportunity within their restricted space and condition to create works oh the theme. 

Submitted works will be curated and successful entries will be published and exhibited at the end of the pandemic situation. Artists are expected to express themselves in any medium and style of their choice. However, artists should bear in mind the portability of the artwork(s). 

interested artists are to submit maximum of 3 works to: 

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Nigerian professional artists and Art Historians. No age restriction. 


1. High quality image of the artwork(s), Quality must be good enough to print reproduction (Professional Photo gallery) 

2. Short Description of the artwork, including, title, dimension, medium.

3. High quality of artists photography 

4. Artist biography (Max 100 words)

Successful candidates will be notified 

PAPER SUBMISSION: Send an abstract of not more than 150 words to:

Cordinators: Ayo Adewumi Ph.D(Lecturer, IMT, Enugu), Okechukwu Eze (Studio Artist, Lagos), Dr Ike Francis (Lecturer Uni Port), Ayo Aina (Studio Artist, Enugu), Chike Obeagu (Lecturer Fed Uni Lafia), Moses Ibanga (Studio Artist, Enugu)Adekle Garkida Ph. D(Lecturer ABU, Zaria), Dr Kenny Badaru (Federal College of Education, Abeokuta), Lanre Tejuoso (Studio Artist, Abeokuta). 

For Enquirers: Ayo 0803328030, Chike 08034313105, Ike Francis 09060396521