• The ever-changing world and economies have triggered different ways of approaching art and its production. There are more pressing needs and demands in many societies that causes the affluent and governments to shift their attention to better ways of sustaining the world economies. High demand in food security; virtual quality education; increased utilization of human and natural resources; high demand in agricultural production; virtual employment and many more. 

    Now to the reason for art collection. The collection of art is not just collecting it is collecting, connecting, storing the present for the future. When you look back at the strangest things that happened in the past you look back at a way of life, reasons for the existence of an event, problems faced in the past, and how best they were solved. And the most positive of all is the profitability of collection. Collectors have the luxury and opportunity to resell. So its an investment. 

    In summary, while you collect, collect stories that talk about the present because it is a secured investment for the future.